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SmartReader Plus6

Monitor temperature over wide range with the SmartReader Plus6 data logger. Easily and accuractly record temperature from any J, K, S, T, and E tyoe thermocouple probe. At 12-bit resolution, the SmartReader Plus6 offers greater accuracy and more precise measurments than the SmartReader6. With seven inputs for thermocouple probes and an on-board cold-junction thermistor, this logger is one of the most versatile thermocouple data loggers available.

Product Specifications

  • No. of Channels: Eight
  • - One for ambient temperature (also for cold-junction compensation)
  • - Seven for temperature (with thermocouples)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of range and resolution¹
  • Memory Size: 32 KB, 128 KB and 1.5 MB
  • Accessories: ACR Thermocouple Wire or any J, K, S, T, and E type thermocouple wire

Datenblatt zum SmartReader Plus6