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SDG5000 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators


Product Overview

Siglent Technologies invented the pulse generator algorithm EasyPulse, which is found in the SDG5000 waveform generators. Based on this new technology, the SDG5000 is capable of generating a pulse signal with low jitter, fast rising and falling edge (frequency independent effect), small duty cycle, edge and pulse width can be a wide range of adjustment.

 Key Features

◆ Up to 160MHz Output Frequency
◆ 500MSa/S Sampling Rate
◆ 14-bit Vertical Resolution
◆ Memory depths of 512kpts for CH2 and 16kpts for CH1
◆ Dual Floating Output Channel
◆ EasyPulse Technology

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SDG2000X Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Product Overview

SIGLENT’s SDG2000X is a series of dual-channel function/arbitrary waveform generators with specifications of up to 120MHz maximum bandwidth, 1.2GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution. The proprietary TrueArb & EasyPulse techniques help to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating arbitrary, square and pulse waveforms. With advantages above, SDG2000X can provide users with a variety of high fidelity and low jitter signals, which can meet the growing requirements of complex and extensive applications.

 Key Features

◆ Dual-channel, 120MHz maximum bandwidth, 20Vpp maximum output amplitude, high fidelity output with 80dB dynamic range
◆ High-performance sampling system with 1.2GSa/s sampling rate and 16-bit vertical resolution. No detail in your waveforms will be lost
◆ Innovative TrueArb technology, based on a point-by-point architecture, supports any 8pts~8Mpts Arb waveform with a sampling rate in range of 1µSa/s~75MSa/s
◆ Innovative EasyPulse technology, capable of generating lower jitter Square or Pulse waveforms, brings a wide range and extremely high precision in pulse width and rise/fall times adjustment
◆ Plenty of analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK and PWM
◆ Sweep and Burst function
◆ High precision Frequency Counter
◆ Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, LAN(VXI-11, support U Disk storage and software, upgrading GPIB port is optional
◆ 4.3” touch screen display for easier operation

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SDG1000 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

Product Overview

The SDG1000 series of high-performance function/arbitrary waveform generators use direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology and can generate accurate, stable, clean and low distortion output signals. It provides fast rising and falling edge square waves up to 25MHz. The SDG1000 series provides a user-friendly graphical interface that can help you complete tasks faster and greatly improve your work efficiency. It has dual-channel output and each channel can output waveforms up to 50MHz (Sine Wave).

 Key Features

◆ Uses DDS technology, dual outputs, adjustable phase, the highest output frequency is 50MHz (SDG1050)
◆ 125 MSa/s sample rate, 14 bit vertical resolution, 16 Kpts memory
◆ Outputs 5 types of standard waveforms, 48 internally stored waveforms
◆ Includes built-in high precision, 200 MHz frequency counter
◆ Multiple modulation functions, sweep-frequency function, pulse train function
◆ Standard PC connections: USB Device, USB Host, support U Disk storage and software, optional GPIB port
◆ Can seamlessly connect to the SDS1000 series digital oscilloscopes and supports remote command control

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SDG800 Series Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators

 Product Overview

The SDG800 series function/arbitrary waveform generator family outputs waveform functions up to up to 5MHz (pulse), 10MHz (square), 30MHz (sine) and has a sampling rate of 125MSa/s. They are powered with SIGLENT’s EasyPulse technology which produces low jitter, fast rising/falling edges without being affected by frequency, even at low duty cycle settings, allowing the user a wide range of pulse widths and transition times. This results in a much more versatile generator than other similar DDS designs.

  Key Features

◆ Advanced DDS technology, 125MSa/s sampling rate, 14bit vertical resolution
◆ Single channel output, 5 types of standard waveforms, built-in 46 kinds of arbitrary waveforms (including DC)
◆ Complete modulation functions: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, linear/logarithmic sweep, and burst
◆ Innovative EasyPulse technology, can output pulses with low jitter and quick rising/falling edges
◆ Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, support U-Disk storage
◆ Provides 10 nonvolatile storage spaces for user’s arbitrary waveforms
◆ Can be seamlessly connected to SIGLENT Digital Storage Oscilloscope
◆ Configurable with powerful arbitrary waveform editing software EasyWave

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