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TrendReader® Standard Software

Compatible with Windows® 3.1, `95, `98, 2000, Me, NT and XP

TrendReader Standard is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use software package designed exclusively for ACR´s Smart Reader Plaus, -samrt Reader, IAQ and OWL data loggers. Powerful features and easy setup enables logged data to be collected and thoroughly analyzed in secondes.

Data Logger to PC Communications

Set up, download and view information from a single data logger with ACR´s IC-101 interface cabel (included in software package). Connection is simple: plug the interface cable into the serial port of you computer and connect the other end to the logger. No tools, cards or docking stations are rquired.
With built- in menus for sample rate and mode, start delay, equations and more, logger setup is fast and wasy. In addition, equations are already included for all ACR sensors so you need oly select the appropriate equation from the menu or customize you own equation. Real-time readings are displayed int the Setup window, allowing you to verify that you logger is working correctly before placing it in the field.

View Data in Graphical or Tabular Fromats

For presentation purpose, view data in graphical format of for a more dtailed analysis, view data in tabular format. Either way, multiple channels of data can be displayed at once. Multíple graphs can be dsplayed at once and compunded to create new graphs. For added presentation power, add comments, change graph colours, zoom in on specific portions of data and display you data using custom engineering units. Pribnt or copy/paste graphs into your reports and/or presentations. Selsct all or portions of the table and copy/paste it into you favorite Windows program.

Export Data

Use the export function in TrendReader® Standard to export the data to other programs for further analysis. Data can be exported in ASCII or CSV formats.