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TalkBack Software

TalkBack software has two main features: (1) ist automatically downloads logged information form any SmartReader Plus data logger and (2) ist responds to SmartReader Plus alarms. TalkBack also works with SRP data loggers that are on a local or remote network.

Auto-Bakup Feature

To automatically download information from a SmartReader Plus data logger, TalkBack will contact the logger (direct if local, by modem if remote), donwload the logger´s information, and save it to the computer´s hard drive at user-set intervals. This prevents manually backing up logged data when the logger´s memory becomes full.

Alaram-Indicating Feature

TalkBack software can be set up to receive all tripped alarms from SmartReader Plus data loggers (initially set up in Trend REader® Standard software). When the data logger measures an exceeded value on any of its cannels, the logger will call the computer and TalkBAck will run an alarm marco, which has been set by you. Marco options include sounds, visual alarms, running of other programs, and calling a pager or cell phnoe with Caller ID capability.

Note: TalkBack software is only compatible with SmartReader Plus data loggers with a serial number of 42,508 or higher