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RealTime Graphing Software

With RealTime Graphing, you can graph data in real time as an ACR data logger or PowerWatch records. Thsi software plug-in oly works with TrendREader Standard or PowerWatch software. Both programs (i.e. TrendReader Standard and RealTime Graphing) must run at the same time in order to view the real time data in graphical format. Set alarm thersholds to trigger audio or visual alarms, or to run an alram marco to simulate any keystrokes on you computer. RealTime Graphing software allows you todetect problems or potential problems giving you the edge to act before smoething dratic or damaging occurs. Since ACR data loggers and the PowerWatch accumulate historical data, you can still look back and analyze logged information at a later date. Data collected by Real Time Graphing software can also be saved for later date. Data collected by RealTime Graphing software can also be saved for later use or exported to other Windows®programs (in ASCII format).