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SmartReader7 (SR-007)

The SmartReader7 is a versatile data logger that can monitor and record a varity of different process signals including the popular 4-20mA and 0.5V. With is seven input channels, the logger is ideal for monitoring (through commercially available transducers) a wide varity of measurement parameters such as flow, level, pressure, an much more. All process signals can be displayed in their own engineering units using the simple equation in ACR´s TrendReader Standard Software.

Product Specifications

Input type Input impedance
0-2.5 V (1 channel) Greater than 1 M Ohm
0-5 V 20K Ohm
0-10 V (1 channel) 10.9 Ohm
0-200 mV ( 1 channel) Greater than 1M Ohm
0-25 mA (2 channels) 100 Ohm

Input type (all external channels:)