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SmartReader4 (SR-004)

The SmartReader4 data logger records pressure, temperature and relative humidity. Use it to monitor and troubleshoot pneumatic systems. With a variety of pressure options (modules) vailable, you can tailor the logger to suit your needs. All probes and sensors are sold separatly.

Product Specifications

  • No. of Channels: Five
  • - Onre for ambient temperature
  • - One for pressure
  • - Onre for relative humidity (internal sensor)
  • - Two for temperature and/or relative humidity
  • Calibrated Accuray: + / - 0.5% F.S. @ 25ºC (77ºF)
  • Memory Size: 32 KB
  • Accessories: ACR Pressure Module, ACR RH-002 RH Sensor, ACR EH-020A RH/Temperature Probes or any NTC thermistor probe