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PowerWatch Software

Compatilbe with Windows® 3.1, `95, `98, 2000, Me, NT and XP
This powerful and easy-to use power quality analysis software program is developed exclusively for ACR´s voltage disturbance recorder, the PowerWatch. With no programming hassles or complex menues, setup and downloading occurs in secondes. Connection is simple: plug the optical interface cable (LIc-101 cable) into the serial port of you computer amd point the other en to the optical port on the PowerWatch. Communication begins immediatly. Dtailed site reports are displayed for every voltage disturbance event recorded including:

  • · Hot-to-Neutral and/or Neutral-to-Ground Surges
  • · Hot-to-Neutral and/or Neutral-to-Ground Sages
  • · Hot-to-Neutral and/or Neutral to-Ground Impulses
  • · Outages
  • · Frequency Variations

With the Quick Summary option, all events are summarized and displayed individually in bar graph format. This helps determine power quality trends quickly and effectivley. The Event Distribution Graph plots the magnitude of events against duration on a logarithmic scale, allowing you to determine the importance of the data (a single random event may not be as important as a cluster of events). The Event Disturbance Graph also helps determine what kind of power quality problems you have als all 4000 events can be plotted on this graph. You have the choice of analyzing hot-to-neutral or neutral-to-ground events or showing both in different colors. The CBEMA Curve can be used to determine the importance of each event.

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