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Modellbezeichung Beschreibung
3137B Telephone Coupler, audio-answer, FCC registered
3171B BCD to DTMF Encoder, crystal controlled, 2 V into 600 Ohm output
3185E Multiple digit DTMF Decoder, digital switch settings, DPDT relay output
3223C Encoder Controller, use with 3171B for multi-digit encoding
3232 1 of 16 DTMF encoder, crystal controlled 2 V into 600 Ohm output
3446A Balanced stereo audio follow video or IF / RF to 950 MHz card
3567 Voice messaging card w / ob board microphone to record up to 20 s
90417 Dial tone detection module for 3137B; plugs into 3137B
Modellbezeichung Accessories & Other
3000RK Connector kit for cards with 20 pins
3000SK Connector kit for cards with 30 pins
301D 20 pin blank PC board
427A Power Sypply module, 115 V AC input, +12 V 300 mA regulated output